About Cher Nicholson & ASSET (SA)

Cher Nicholson

ASSET (SA) – Applying Specialised Skills, Education and Training®, is an organisation founded and implemented by Cher Nicholson.

Cher Nicholson has a broad range of experience and background. She has qualifications in Counselling, Mediation, Many areas of Nursing, Financial Counselling, Clinical Supervision, and workplace Assessing & Training. She has worked overseas, and in remote rural and city Australia, where she has worked alongside many different cultures and people.

She has a rights based philosophy and believes in a better future for those who need support to carry out their wishes, or aid to promote their rights and responsibilities. Coordinating the Supported Decision Making project has enabled Cher to use her knowledge, skills and experience in a project that changes lives.

Having an acquired disability, and knowing how that can change others’ perception of her abilities, fuels her determination to help people with a disability believe in the possible, through the Supported Decision Making project. She has found, through enacting and facilitating the model that was developed in South Australia, that lives can be changed; people start to believe in themselves and demand support in a way that has meaning and works for them as individuals.

No longer are Supported Decision Making and Article 12 of the United Nations Convention mere theory and academic conjecture, but tangible items that can be used to gain the right to make your own decisions, with people of your own choosing, supporting you with behaviours that support your individual circumstances, values, and beliefs being respected. Cher is proud to have been part of leading the practise in Australia.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chernicholson